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Provides a family of seven access to unlimited, nationwide 24/7 virtual health services including acute, primary care and mental health services. Additionally the program includes $0 copay prescription drugs for acute, maintenance and mental health medications. $0 copay lab services, and hospital bill eraser care guide and hospital bill negotiation services.

Direct Primary Care

(Most popular program)

Fix Indemnity Plans

Fixed indemnity insurance is a type of health insurance that pays out a fixed benefit for each healthcare event, regardless of the actual costs insured. These plans allow your associates to select the appropriate levels of coverage that meet their personal benefits and financial needs. Fixed indeminity plans allow employers to:

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans are best suited for businesses with a young, healthy workforce and those primarily seeking ACA compliance at a minimal cost.

We help you attract and retain talented temporary associates.

With nearly 25 years experience in assisting staffing firms, National Insurance Specialists (NIS) has the expertise and plan options to help you provide affordable, quality benefits. The following programs can be setup as paid or voluntary, and all serve to ensure you attract and retain the most skilled workers.
Who is this right for? DPC is an ideal benefit for under and uninsured employees. this low-cost, high-value benefit provides essential healthcare and medications to an employee's entire family and will help recruit and retain temporary talent while reducing sick-related time off. "As a zero copay, on-demand acute care service, employees tend to seek care early, get better quicker and avoid contact while ill."
  • Skip premium payments when employees are off-assignment

  • Cover the majority of an average employee’s day-to-day medical expenses

  • Provide access to one of America’s largest and most respected PPO networks

Can be offered in conjunction with Direct Primary Care

National Insurance Specialists (NIS) offers MEC plans that allow you to satisfy ACA requirements with affordable coverage that matches your organization’s financial goals.

Our Robust, low-cost MEC plans:

  • Provide meaningful benefits that cover 63 preventive and wellness services

  • Strengthen your benefit offerings with additional coverage solutions

  • Ensure associate compliance to avoid the individual mandate which is expected to escalate over the next three years

Major Medical Plans

We offer true major medical plans for staffing associates seeking more comprehensive coverage to better protect themselves and their families from catastrophic loss due to illness or injury

These plans allow you to:

  • Ensure ACA requirements are met with minimum value full in-patient hospitalization benefits

  • Minimize your workload with enhanced technology solutions and award-winning support

  • Reduce health insurance premiums up to 25% by offering custom designed ACA compliant level-funded major medical plans

Direct primary care includes a wide range of services, such as:
Remote Consultations: Patients can consult with primary care providers via video calls, phone calls, or secure messaging platforms to discuss their health concerns, receive medical advice, and discuss treatment options.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Virtual primary care providers can diagnose and treat a variety of acute and chronic health conditions, prescribe medications, order laboratory tests, and provide referrals to specialists if needed.

Chronic Disease Management: Patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or asthma can receive ongoing monitoring, medication management, and lifestyle counseling through virtual primary care services

Preventive Care: Virtual primary care providers can offer preventive care services such as routine screenings, immunizations, and health education to help patients maintain their overall health and well-being.

Follow-up Care: Patients can follow up with their primary care providers virtually after an in-person visit or hospitalization, allowing for continuity of care and monitoring of recovery progress.
The virtual nature of our DPC program ensures increased convenience, reduced travel time and expenses, improved access to care for individuals in rural or underserved areas, and more timely interventions.

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