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Why National Insurance Specialists?

NIS has been a national leader in employee benefits delivering premier protection to clients and their teams across the country for over 25 years. We partner with top-rated national insurers to secure the most favorable premiums and deliver innovative solutions that transcend conventional insurance frameworks. At NIS, we're committed to transforming the landscape of employee benefits, ensuring life-changing care for employees and unparalleled cost-savings for employers.

25+ years in custom-tailored benefits plans

National leaders in employee attraction and retention consulting

Leverage the latest advances in insurance technologies and benefits trends to ensure the most competitive employee offerings

Expert knowledge on updated tax codes and industry regulations to provide unique cost savings levers and airtight compliance

Healthcare Reimagined

By leveraging the latest advances in healthcare innovation and medical technologies, we have fundamentally reimagined healthcare with programs and plans that go far beyond outdated standard of care models. We reach higher with our employee care by crafting comprehensive healthcare solutions focused on company-wide health outcomes, not mere access to care. We leverage novel plan features and designs that directly impact 80% of medical claims exposure and radically improve employee performance and job satisfaction.

We empower employers to break free from the costs and constraints of conventional health plans, radically reduce costs, and transform employee's lives with the latest advances in healthcare technologies and benefit offerings

Check out either video or our comparison chart below to see how we uniquely address all three of these staggering statistics through two revolutionary approaches to employee healthcare

This plan covers the first $5,000 of each employee's deductible and numerous first-ever fully-insured health coverages spanning the latest advances in alternative medicine and integrative, precision care.

Biomed - Zero-cost way to supplement any type of health plan with cutting-edge personalized medicine to address the 1% of claims /claimants responsible for 40% of claims costs.

NIS level/self-funded plan - The first ever fully health-outcome based health plan designed to ensure employees and their families have access to the best medical care available in the country.

want health insurance companies to cover alternative medicine

See healthcare
as broken

will develop cancer in their lifetime

Custom solutions starting as low as $2 per week!


Dental and Vision


Life, Disability, and Accident


Limited Medical DPC and Limited Medical Hospitalization

Ancillary Benefits