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Medicine 3.0

NIS believes people are a company's #1 asset. That's why we're shifting the paradigm from pharma-driven care confined to outdated insurance billing codes to outcome-driven care with personalized medicine, world-class integrative physicians, and the latest advances in technology and medical science to guide people to optimal health and performance.

That is medicine 3.0.

This is all made possible by a new medical coding platform and doctor run MSO (managing service organization) that enables employers to provide novel care beyond the conventional medical CPT and ICD coding infrastructure that has governed the quality of care people have been able to receive for the last 50 years.

This enables us to work with employers to help their employees prevent and reverse chronic disease at the source with numerous first-ever health coverages spanning personalized medicine, integrative care, regenerative therapies, concierge healthcare navigation, and more.

This level of precision care is unavailable through any other health plan, captive, or private insurance company in the country. The result is unmatched employee health outcomes and massive reductions in claim's severity and frequency.

Combining these state of the art solutions within the level / self-funded framework, we are able to not just transform the lives of employees and their families, but save employers an average 30% a year on their medical claims costs.

Many employers still believe this future is unattainable, but that's no longer the case. Our purpose is to to show organizational leaders exactly how they can radically reduce their healthcare costs and foster a culture of true employee stewardship by driving unprecedented health outcomes for their people in truly novel ways that change their people's lives.

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10-25 employees

25-300 employees

300+ employees

For nearly thirty years NIS has provided services in all three categories, nationwide. A brief consultation will help you see what direction may be best for you. While some of the decision is predicated on group size, other considerations such as general group health, rate of company growth and occupational risk can be just some of the variables we review when advising a client.