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If you're an EMC, cooperative, or organization that serves a rural community, we'd love to work together to expand affordable medical care in your area. Please use the link below to learn more.

Access for Health

NIS is proud to serve rural communities nation-wide. We have developed the Access for Health digital platform to overcome the numerous barriers to care rural American's face including physician access, getting care in a timely manner, and rising healthcare costs.

By partnering with utility cooperatives and organizational leaders, we work with groups that employ and or serve members of rural communities to ensure their community members have fast and easy access to affordable, quality healthcare.

By offering varying types of medical services and plans, individuals and families can select the plan that's right for them for a fraction of the price of an insurance premium and with no deductible or copays ever.

Access for health provides options for zero-copay, 24/7 access to urgent, chronic, and mental health care professionals, along with zero-copay lab testing, prescription medications, and a hospital bill eraser tool all for one small monthly fee. More details can be found in "plans and pricing" above.

What Does Access for Health Include?

Access for Health is the first and only health platform designed specifically with the unique healthcare challenges rural American's face in mind.

Who do we serve?

As the backbone of our country, we aim to make sure that America's hard-working rural population is taken care of, not taken for granted.

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