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Biomed is a zero-cost way for businesses to radically improve employee health outcomes and reduce claims costs by supplementing any type of health plan with specialized healthcare services unavailable in the existing insurance framework without interfering with other benefit offerings or plan design.

Biomed Program Overview

Revolutionizing Employee Health with Personalized medicine

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This personalized medicine program targets the 1% of individuals responsible for 40% of claims, and is designed to improve the quality of medical care employees receive, while enhancing the overall cost-efficiency of existing health plans

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Due to S125 tax-incentives, Biomed costs nothing and provides significant tax-savings for both employer and employee (How this works is fully explained at the bottom of the page)

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Doctors Who
Personalized Medicine.

Biomed is fully insured by the largest international A++ rated carrier and provides 4 primary directions of value

Annual payroll tax savings for employer: $1,000 per employee on average (as result of S125 tax savings)

Increases in take home pay for employees: (as result of S125 tax savings)

Improved employee recruitment and turnover: by enhancing compensation and benefits package with numerous industry first offerings - integrative precision care, AI-driven medical testing & interpretation, regenerative medicine, concierge healthcare navigation etc.

Reduction in employee health related costs: by redirecting care and claims from existing health plans, especially in the form of drug intercepts, or serving as stand alone healthcare benefit to improve employee health and performance reducing absenteeism and workers comp liability





All employers receive an in-depth report to understand the potential cost savings of the Biomed Program for their company. If you're curious about the potential impact Biomed could have on your company please fill the form below.

Full Summary of Service List for Biomed Program Coverages

How Does S125 enable this program to cost nothing and provide significant tax savings to employer and employee?

By using pre-tax funds to cover the program, the premium cost is excluded from the wage evaluation, benefiting both the employer and employee. This redirection of wages on a pre-tax basis to this program premium ensures that this segment remains untaxed.

These tax incentives not only enable employers to offer personalized medicine options to their employees without any out-of-pocket costs but also frequently result in an increase in take-home pay for the employees. Typical employer payroll tax savings is estimated around $1,000 per employee per year. Here is an example of a small 20 life group:

The program is fully insured by the world's oldest and most conservative A++ rated carriers. In other words, unlike other S125 programs there truly is no financial risk or cost to employer or employee!